Clare's Performing Arts Opportunity

Clare's Performing Arts Opportunity

Tuesday 26 March

2018 graduate, Clare Hughes has been invited to perform at the Performing Arts Perspectives on 27 March 2019 at Perth Concert Hall,

“It wasn’t until mid-January when I got a letter in the mail inviting me to audition with my OSP for Perspectives.”

The Original Solo Performance (OSP) is a 4-6 minute self-devised piece which explores a character or characters’ journey through stylistic choices and use of drama elements. The piece is an opportunity for students to showcase what they have learnt over the ATAR course in their own creative expression. Students are given only 60 seconds to set up their stage with scenery, props and costumes, however, are limited to what they can carry into the space themselves. Students may also have audio recordings to support their performance and are allowed a technical assistant to operate this.

Clare’s performance was selected after an audition against roughly 20 drama students.

“There’s nine of us drama students performing, including fellow drama student Ella Hanson who is also doing her OSP. There are only three of us in the state doing their OSP so it’s pretty cool that St Hilda’s is there.”

The Performing Arts Perspectives night showcases drama, music and dance students. 2018 graduate Emmalena Huning has also been selected to perform in the music category on the night.

Congratulations to Clare, Ella and Emmalena!