Embrace What Makes You Different

Embrace What Makes You Different

Friday 3 May

If I could give one piece of advice to the incredible girls and young women on campus each day, it would be to embrace what makes them different. In my first week at St Hilda’s I talked to our girls about having the confidence to resist conformity and embrace what makes them unique. I talked about the importance of being ‘THEIR’ best and not judging themselves harshly if they are not ‘THE’ best.

As a society we are constantly bombarded with what success looks like, images to look a particular way, act a certain way and behave a certain way to either conform to be like everyone else or to outdo everyone. It is easy to see why girls can lose a sense of who they are given the hyper-engaged world of social media that they are growing up in. As parents, it can be challenging if our girls don’t realise or value how unbelievably special they really are.

Resisting the pressure to conform is not always easy, especially as a young girl or adolescent. We need to give our girls the tools to have the confidence to be true to themselves and trust what’s on the inside. Discovering their unique self is an important journey and an individualised one. Through our well-being programs, assemblies, inspirational speakers, Women of Influence Series, and exceptional role models in our staffing community, our girls are exposed to messages and encouragement to realise and embrace their individuality and discover that WHO they really are, is their competitive advantage in life.

Personal excellence comes from differentiation, embracing your strengths and celebrating what make you uniquely you. The things that differentiate our St Hilda’s girls is what makes them stand apart.

There is a growing hunger in society for people who are real. People who are authentic. People who are genuine.

Long may this trend continue……..