Remembrance Day 2019

Remembrance Day 2019

Monday 11 November

This year, the Town of Mosman Park RSL invited SHASCU to take part in their Remembrance Day Service on Monday, 11 November. Two of our Year 9 Cadets, Samantha Wippl and Maddie Hillbeck were invited to compose a short speech on behalf of the SHASCU and Year 11 student Zoe Boyd played the Last Post. The memorable address from the girls can be found below:

"Good morning, Cadet Hillbeck and I, Cadet Wippl, are part of the St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls Army Cadet unit, and are honoured to speak today on this significant occasion.

We are able to be here today because of the many privileges that Australia has been blessed with, one of them being the ability as a female to represent Australia in an Army Cadet unit. 

On this meaningful day we will show our gratitude to all who have made selfless sacrifices to ensure our nation’s freedoms. Freedoms that we may take for granted and many envy around the world. Our freedoms to think, to speak, participate in a religion, democratically elect our government, enjoy our access to quality education, health care, and a stable legal system.

These blessings didn’t come without a sacrifice, so to thrive as a people we must commemorate the courageous efforts that made Australia what it is today. So we can face the future with open arms, to improve our and others’ lives. To show our gratitude to those past and present, to their contribution to forge the peaceful harmony within our lands. 

As part of a younger generation, we are proud to see greater recognition and support towards momentous days like these. Recently we participated in a cadet camp with over 800 others. This allowed us to experience diversity and to be unified by not only our uniforms but our desire to help the community in way these brave soldiers did. On Remembrance Day we wear the poppy to remind us of what we are striving for as young cadets.

These poppies that withstood the harsh conditions on the Western Front are not only symbolic of the gallant soldiers, but also our potential to create a better future. Growing from nothing but the bare, churned up soil to the iconic red flower, it symbolises how we can carry on this legacy. Of how we share the blessing of having these fearless soldiers fight for what we have in front of us today. 

Once again we give our thanks to those securing Australia’s future.

Thank you.​"

At the Town of Claremont Remembrance Day Service, St Hilda's Year 9 Army Cadets Maddie Lawrence and Lucinda Bartlett lay a wreath and had the opportunity to speak with State MP Dr David Honey MLA and Member for Cottesloe.