'I Gave Up' Campaign

'I Gave Up' Campaign

Thursday 17 October

The annual St Hilda’s Year 11 Dinner Dance saw the School Hall not only transformed into a beautiful ‘starry night’ to remember, but was a night for our Class of 2020 to reflect on perspective. The Year 11 students, led by their Year Representatives proposed an ‘I Gave Up’ Campaign for the evening.

 The campaign encouraged the girls to give up an experience such as getting their nails, hair or makeup professionally done and instead donating the money saved towards two chosen charities close to their hearts; The Silver Chain Foundation and Operation Rainbow. Year 11 student Iman Kaplanian explained to us why the campaign was rewarding,

“It can be easy for students to get caught up in the glamorous, surface-level aspects of the dinner dance night, spending lots on hairstyles, makeup or newly bought outfit items. The “I Gave Up” Campaign was a way of reminding each Year 11 girl that the night is more about spending time with friends. It was a great way to allow each student to give back to the community and recognise how fortunate they are to be able to do so.”

When the campaign was announced to the students, the representatives also requested if any leftover funds from the evening could be added to their campaign. Because of this request, expenses were reduced and the surplus was donated. The Class of 2020 was excited to announce at the end of Term 3 that the campaign raised a total of $5422.49 and would be evenly distributed to the both the Silver Chain Foundation and Operation Rainbow.  

Congratulations to the Year 11 girls for their generosity and willingness to give back to the community.