About the OSA

The Girls’ High School (GHS) & St Hilda’s Old Scholars Association (OSA) is proud of its 108 year history and membership of over 10,000 women.

On becoming an Old Scholar you are instantly a member of a global network of St Hilda’s superwomen who have expanded their horizons to pursue opportunities locally and globally.  Those members who remain close to the School are actively engaged in a vibrant Old Scholar community often reconnecting through their student daughters. Third, fourth and fifth generation students attend St Hilda’s and both the School and it’s old scholars value this multi-generational relationship.

Our History

The OSA was established under the stewardship of Miss Melina Parnell in 1913, when St Hilda’s was known as the Girls’ High School (GHS). The Association has provided over 100 years of service.  The Association is still run by a committee of old scholars, who maintain an important link between the School and old scholars; a place of belonging for our members, and connectivity for graduates on leaving St Hilda’s through reunions, social media, newsletters etc.


The objectives of the Association are:

  • To advance education through the welfare and interests of the School and the Association;
  • The promotion of a friendly spirit between present scholars of the School and Old Scholars;
  • To provide a connection between Old Scholars to the School and amongst one another, and to support a useful network of professional working women for opportunities and mentoring
  • To establish and provide scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries and rewards for education, the arts and sport.

Those who have attended this School have benefitted from an excellent education from which lifelong friendships have also evolved.  Enjoy your Association and please give back generously so others may benefit.

Jane Barker (1986)
27th President of the GHS and St Hilda’s Old Scholars Association (OSA)

Jane is supported by the OSA Committee who work alongside the School Development Team. The Committee is represented by Old Scholars of different ages, who bring a variety of skills and enjoy working in a social environment.  Old Scholars are encouraged to attend the OSA monthly meetings and contribute to general business or to join smaller sub-committees for the management of specific events.

The OSA currently gives financial support to 14 students each academic year through scholarships and this is funded through a variety of fundraising events.  Tasks undertaken by the committee include event management, budgeting, communication and co-ordination of special projects such as mentoring and scholarship selection.

The most recent GHS &  OSA AGM was held in October and the Committee for 2022/2023 comprises:


Fiona Johnston, Principal

Jane Barker (1986)

Immediate Past President
Treffina Dowland (Lidbury, 1983)

Vice President
Amanda Burt (Coad, 1989)

Vice President
Yolande Dick (Ross, 1986)

Alexandra Rogers (1986)

Julie Hasson (1987)

Treffina Downland (Lidbury, 1983)
Anu van Hattem (Palmoja, 1975)
Sheena Storm (Richmond, 1983)
Jill Binning (Mansel, 1960)
Emma Hannaford (Ashby, 1987)
Sidonie Cox (Brown, 1988)
Katrina Chalmers (Black, 1985)
Alice Hamilton (2015)
Ronnie Nicholls (Bright, 1986)
Victoria Parker (2016)

The Old Scholars Association welcomes new members to the Committee; please contact the President at OSAPresident@sthildas.wa.edu.au  for further information.


Year Representatives are an important link between members of their cohort, the School and the OSA. Typically, one or two Old Scholars represent their year group and are a central point of contact for the exchange of information. Year Representatives assist the Department of Communications & Engagement by updating alumni data, encouraging colleagues to attend special events, initiating reunions and supporting the activities of the Old Scholars’ Association.

Old Scholar events, photographs and news are sent out in the OSA Connections Newsletter every month and we warmly welcome contributions, updates and feedback. Please send this through to our Alumni Coordinator.

To view the GHS and St Hilda’s Old Scholar’s Association Constitution, please click here.