One of the greatest resources available to our current students is being able to tap into the experience and friendship of our inspirational Old Scholars.

St Hilda’s Old Scholars are thriving in a diverse range of industries, professions and creative fields and regularly ‘give back’ to the School through the OSA Mentoring Program and by offering work experience opportunities to students.

The OSA facilitates the Mentoring Program in which Old Scholars share their career journey with students from Years 10 to 12. The mentoring sessions, held mid-year, provide an opportunity for girls to explore career options with practitioners and discuss the pathways to preferred jobs and, perhaps, learn how to overcome some perceived obstacles. It is a also a wonderful opportunity for Old Scholars to reconnect with one another.

If you have an interest in mentoring current students about careers, please contact the Alumni and Engagement Coordinator, Lizzie Warburton at

Also, if you are an old scholar who wants to tap into St Hilda’s networks, please connect through the LinkedIn – Education and add St Hilda’s to your profile.

Mentors and Muesli

St Hilda's was excited to launch the Mentors and Muesli Breakfast Series in 2021. To find out more about the series, please click below.