Embedded in our culture is the philosophy of giving back. We teach our girls that education is precious and that their education at St Hilda’s will allow them to shine.

What does the word Philanthropy mean?

Philanthropy is derived from the Greek words “Philos” loving and “Anthropos” humankind. Therefore, its literal definition is love for humanity. This idea of philanthropy has been demonstrated throughout history as forms of kindness directed to your fellow man.

Now in a post-pandemic world, having all experienced uncertainty over the past two years, it is more relevant than ever to show care and empathy for others.

What does Philanthropy look like at St Hilda’s?

There are so many opportunities to support and be actively involved in philanthropy in the St Hilda’s community, as a volunteer and as a donor.

We are so very grateful for the supportive community we are blessed to have, including our current parents, past parents and Old Scholars, who we regularly welcome through various activities on campus. Current parents can also get involved in an area of interest through our parent volunteering program, Saints Connect. You can volunteer through Junior School, Music, Dance, Sports, Rowing, Parent Year Representative, and so much more. Please register via the School Portal.

Through tax-deductible donations, St Hilda’s can continue to reinvest in quality learning spaces and provide scholarships to those less fortunate. Our donors believe a St Hilda’s education positively impacts our community and are keen to support us to ensure the school continues to evolve and flourish into the future.

St Hilda’s allows girls to find their passion and shine. This requires investment in new programs, contemporary buildings and facilities for students today and tomorrow.

We invite you to donate to St Hilda’s so we can continue to provide an exemplary education to girls in Western Australia.

All donations to our scholarship and building funds are fully tax-deductible. To find out how you might contribute to shaping the future of St Hilda’s, please email Fleur Allen or call 08 9285 4229 to find out more.

Ignite a Spark through Scholarships - General Excellence, Indigenous and Boarding

A donation of any size will make a difference to a child’s life, opening up opportunities and offering educational opportunities they could only dream about. Our scholarships are needs-based so you know that your donation is going to a family who needs it most. A comprehensive needs-based scholarship program provides access to those who deserve an educational opportunity beyond their current situation.

Building Trust

Building and maintaining three campuses requires significant capital investment. Our regional campus in Pemberton has recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation in order to house our outdoor education experiences. We have a number of building opportunities that require funding. Our most immediate need is for the ESSTEAM™  Studio and Heritage Centre.

Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre will be a special place that honours the history and the legacy of the school. Situated in the original farm house, Hope Nicholas House, it will be an elegant tribute to the school’s students, staff and principals over 125 years.

Offer Society (Gifts in Wills)

When it comes to making a will, leaving a legacy of education for the next generation is one of the most precious gifts you can make. Named in honour of Shirley Offer who bequeathed $2.2million to the school, the Offer Society was established in 2009 and is open to those who indicate that they will leave a financial legacy to the school.

History of Philanthropy

Modern education owes its place to the foresight of generations before us. St Hilda's has been fortunate to have supporters throughout its history who have understood the need to invest in the school – its buildings and its programs.