Building ESSTEAM in Girls

Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

ESSTEAM is an initiative to build confidence and leadership amongst girls by exposing them to real-life business problems to come up with a solution.

Our girls need to be exposed to successful women who are trailblazers in innovation, entrepreneurialism, and sustainability.

An ESSTEAM program provides purposeful opportunities to work in partnership with female mentors.

Our ESSTEAM program will be a compulsory subject from Years 5 to 10 in 2023. The pilot program in Years 5 and 6 commenced Term 1, 2022 and will extend to Year 10s from Term 3, 2022.

Using international leading curriculum in this area, our teachers work with industry partners to create projects for girls to work in groups, developing solutions to global sustainability issues.

By employing an entrepreneurial framework, students will use a cross-curriculum approach to learning, allowing them to experiment and move seamlessly between subjects, building on their knowledge in a holistic way.

We aim to:

  • To build a deeper understanding of what problem-based learning looks like in a school environment.
  • To break down the ‘silo’ approach to learning and build more collaborative 21st Century learning capabilities for our girls.
  • To work with experts in industry to create a cutting-edge learning environment that supports girls’ interest and passion in innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurialism; and
  • To share our learning, resources, facilities, and programs more broadly with teachers and girls who may not have access to these opportunities due to limited resources and expertise.



What is our greatest need for this new program?

To create a modern, flexible, and collaborative learning space = ESSTEAM Studio

St Hilda’s intends to create two spaces, one at our Junior School and one at our Senior School that gives our girls the latitude to function across a range of subject areas – Art, Science, English,

Design, Engineering, Accounting, Marketing and Humanities – seamlessly.

Working within our Master Plan, we will create a space that supports and drives innovation and allows creativity, experimentation, and the testing of new ideas.

If you would like to be an ongoing partner in this program please contact us directly.

As educators, we know that experiences help fuel our girls drive to become lifelong learners and innovators. The deepest learning happens when their passions meet an opportunity for action. Today’s students want a purpose for learning and opportunities to create value for others.

Fiona Johnston, Principal

For More Information

If you would like to receive more information or a detailed report on the progress of this project please contact Fleur Allen, Head of Philanthropy and Fundraising or phone 9285 4229.