ESSTEAM™ - Sparking Entrepreneurial Thinkers

Entrepreneurship Sustainability through the lens of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics 

ESSTEAM™ is St Hilda’s response to providing what we believe our students will need to thrive and shape their world into the 2030s. It is a multi-layered entrepreneurship program for Years 5 to 10, designed specifically to instil the enterprise skills – creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork, and financial and digital literacy – that comprise an entrepreneurial or growth mindset.  


The unique ESSTEAM™ program successfully piloted this year at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls is an extraordinary initiative with the potential to be revolutionary in Australian education.

Now, you too can be part of this by helping to create the ESSTEAM™ Studio: a dynamic, purpose-built learning environment that takes girls out of their everyday classroom into a space allowing them to embrace discovery—to experiment, explore, connect and create.

The ESSTEAM™ Studio has multiple dynamic features supporting the development of an entrepreneurial or growth mindset, equipping girls with the essential enterprise skills they need to thrive in their future careers.


Read more about ESSTEAM™ and the ESSTEAM™ Studio Here

With your support, girls can reach the stars!  

Thanks to the amazing gifts already received from members of our community, we are so close to achieving the $2Million campaign target, with just $150,000 needed to make this amazing new resource a reality for St Hilda’s students. We can do this with YOUR help. 

Every gift you make will be DOUBLED in value 

And the goal is even closer because your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by the St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls Foundation. This means every gift, great or small, will help us reach the goal twice as fast. When the $ 2million campaign target is achieved, the Foundation will match with a further $ 2million needed to complete this project. 

With the total cost of the refurbishment being $5.2million, the School will finance the $1.2million gap.  All donations will help us to reduce this debt, allowing further investment into curriculum and supporting equipment and resources to support our unique ESSTEAM program.

Be a sparkle in our constellation of supporters 

Your support is so important and appreciated, and for this reason, every gift to the to the ESSTEAM™ Studio will be recognised with a special ‘Star’ certificate. Gifts of $2,500 and above will also receive a personalised ‘Spark’ on the Spark Wall.  


Major Supporter $5,000 and above: Major supporters will be recognised with their family name on the Spark Wall and enjoy VIP benefits associated with your level of support. 

Create a Spark: $2,500 (limit of 100): Your personalised Spark, featuring your child’s or family name, on the Spark Wall 

 Be a Star (all gifts up to $2,499): Every gift up to $2,499 is recognised with a special certificate of thanks. 

Empower girls to SHINE

But even more importantly, your gift to the ESSTEAM™ Studio will empower girls to shine—a priceless, lifelong gift, helping generations of St Hilda’s students.

"We invite you to share our dream of a world where equal opportunity thrive – where young women are empowered to be leaders and make the difference our communities need – by supporting our ESSTEAM™ Studio, you will spark extraordinary futures."

Fiona Johnston, Principal

For More Information

If you would like to receive more information or a detailed report on the progress of this project please contact Fleur Allen, Head of Philanthropy and Fundraising or phone 9285 4229.