Ignite a Spark

We need your help to Spark Extraordinary Futures through Scholarships.

Many girls and young women do not have the means to be able to attend St Hilda’s

Leading the way in girls’ education, St Hilda’s is committed to providing young women, from all backgrounds, with the opportunity to shine.


The Need

An Australian research study prepared by the Centre for International Research on Education Systems (CIRES) for the Mitchell Institute at Victoria University, ‘Educational Opportunity 2020’ has found there are significant gaps for Indigenous children, children from low socioeconomic backgrounds and children living in remote areas; these children are at least twice as likely as their peers to have a developmental vulnerability. At St Hilda’s, we believe we have an obligation to play our part in closing the education opportunity gap for girls. By supporting a girl in need, you are helping to make generational change.

How you can make a difference

Scholarships can provide girls who may not have the means to attend St Hilda’s the opportunity to flourish in our learning environment. With your help, St Hilda’s has an opportunity to build a diverse community of learners who have a genuine desire and appreciation for education. Our needs-based, Indigenous, and boarding scholarships provide a St Hilda’s education to a girl who would not have the opportunity, due to financial means, to attend.

All Gifts Make a Difference

We understand many would like to assist at a level that suits their current commitments. It is important to understand that ALL donations make a difference.

St Hilda’s is seeking full Scholarship Donors to deepen and extend the scholarships we offer.

Please contact Fleur Allen our Head of Philanthropy and Fundraising to receive further information.

Scholarships are based on a student’s ability to thrive academically, and across other areas of the school for example, music. We do not hold academic exams to determine our scholarship intake. Instead, we look at the whole of the girl – their past academic success, commitment, drive, and community spirit. Nothing gives me more joy than to open an opportunity to a girl who never dreamed they could come to St Hilda’s.

With your help, we can provide these opportunities to more students who normally would not have access to a St Hilda’s education.

Fiona Johnston, Principal

Needs-based General Excellence Scholarships

Our needs-based scholarship fund provides full-fee paying scholarships to those who may not be able to afford a St Hilda’s education.
Scholarship winners demonstrate an aptitude for study, a commitment to community and a passion for learning.

Indigenous Scholarships

Working in partnership with Madalah, St Hilda’s is proud to offer Indigenous Scholarships from Years 7 to 12. Under the guidance of our Indigenous Coordinator, this scholarship program helps our girls realise their potential. Our Indigenous program includes a mentor program, specialised tutoring, leadership skills training and financial support to participate in activities outside the school curriculum. These scholarships attract support through Abstudy however there is often a substantial gap which is simply out of reach for the families of applicants. Ignite a Spark and make the difference for an Indigenous student today.

Boarding Scholarships

Regional families are often at the mercy of conditions out of their control which can affect their ability to cover boarding and tuition fees. The School has several boarding scholarships that ensure that these families can educate their daughters, despite their financial situation. 

"This scholarship gave me so many amazing opportunities that has allowed me to really explore what I want to do when I leave school, which is to become a marine biologist."

Ruby Fox (2021)