Compulsory Curriculum Program - Year 10

Year 10 Outdoor Education Program 2020

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Wooleen Station - Year 10 Outdoor Education

The Year 10 Outdoor Education Program is a seven day experience through the ancient and magical landscape of Wooleen Station in the Murchison region of Western Australia. The program has been designed to allow the girls the time and space to appreciate their surroundings. Bushwalking short distances and camping under the stars they often leave feeling regenerated and reconnected.

The Year 10 cohort travel to Wooleen together and upon arrival are divided into eight groups, with approximately 16 students in each group.

The expedition is largely student run and allows each group to set the tone of their trip based on knowledge and experiences gained on previous outdoor education programs. Each group will have two experienced Outdoor Educators who will facilitate and be responsive to each groups focus.

All groups will be immersed in the landscape and will encounter significant indigenous areas. Students will be visited by a local Wajarri elder who will discuss her life growing up in the Murchison. They will also participate in a unique experience cooking kangaroo tails and damper in the fire.

Wooleen is a cattle station approximately 650 km north north-east of Perth and covers an area of half a million acres. If you are interested in finding out more information about Wooleen’s history, please follow this Australia Story link to view a 20 min documentary.


School departure – Saturday 8 August at 6.00am

School return - Friday 14 August at 5.30pm

The coaches will depart from and return to the Bay View Terrace bus bays. Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to departure and pick up.   


Transport is by coaches from Horizons West, the St Hilda’s coaster bus and the St Hilda’s people mover.  All vehicles are equipped with seat belts.    


Girls will be sleeping in two to three person tents on foam sleeping mats which are all provided by the School. Tent partners will be organised while on program.    

Medical Information

Medical details will be taken from the student records data base.  If your daughter’s medical history has changed, please email both &

Prescribed Medications

If your daughter is taking any prescribed medications:

  • Please complete this medications form
  • Email a copy to so the nurse attending camp has a record
  • Instruct your daughter to hand the form and medication to her Outdoor Leader upon arrival


It is NOT recommended that your daughter bring over the counter medications to camp, unless arranged with staff.  These include paracetamol, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, ibuprofen, cold & flu etc. We need to be aware of all and any medication given to students in our care.

*A school nurse will be on 24 hr call at the program base throughout the camp.


Two qualified outdoor instructors and a St Hilda’s staff member will be with each student group. The outdoor instructors will largely be in charge of program facilitation and risk management. The St Hilda’s staff will be in charge of pastoral care.


All meals are provides except for lunch while traveling on the coach to Wooleen.

The School accommodates specific medical dietary requirements as indicated on a student’s medical records or the camp sign up form. If students have alternative diets due to lifestyle choices, they will need to be flexible while participating in the outdoor education program.

*Students will need to provide lunch and snacks in disposable container on the first day travelling from school to Wooleen.

The following items are NOT ALLOWED:

Electronic games, radios, iPods, mobile phones. Extra food or ‘junk’ food such as chips, lollies, chocolate, chewing gum, and sports drinks. Please use roll on deodorant and repellent NOT aerosol cans.

After providing consent you will be emailed a confirmation letter with a link to the Packing list.

Please click here to provide consent for your daughter