Compulsory Curriculum Program - Year 3

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Penguin Island

Year 3 Outdoor Education Day - Penguin Island

Year 3 Outdoor Education Day – Penguin Island

Year 3 is when students first participate in the Outdoor Education at St Hilda’s. The program is a full day excursion to Penguin Island, in the Rockingham Shoalwater Marine Park.

The program will take place on 3 November 2020.

A strong theme of our Junior School Outdoor Education is to provide experiential learning opportunities in natural areas that are close to Perth.

We encourage student driven exploration and investigation to help create a level of comfort in the local Western Australian natural environment. Starting at Year 3 sets a fantastic foundation for the development of their Outdoor Education experience which culminates in the Year 10 expedition at Wooleen Station.

Students will participate in the following:

Penguin Feeding: Enjoy a 20 minute viewing and interpretive session with the Little Penguins at the Discovery Centre hosted by a DEC ranger. Students will learn all about the biology, natural behaviours, habitat and conservation of these fascinating creatures.

Waddle: A guided walk of Penguin Island hosted by a DEC Island Ranger.

Penguin and Sea Lion Cruise: Explore the wildlife sanctuary zone of the marine park on-board a glass bottom boat. Get up close to the ruggedly spectacular reefs and islands and learn all about the nesting sea birds and fish from the friendly skippers. Highlights include viewing rare Australian Sea Lions at Seal Island and visiting a pelican rookery before concluding on Penguin Island.

Penguin Art Session and Swim: Art session and opportunity for a swim.

Program Date3 November 2020

Time: 7.35am – 3:15pm

Food: Please provide a waste free lunch & recess. Students are required to bring a full water bottle with them.

Transport: Students will be transported to and from Rockingham on a Horizons West Bus and to and from Penguin Island aboard the Penguin Island ferry.

Staff / Supervision: The day will be staffed by the Junior School Classroom Teachers and two Outdoor Education teachers.

What to wear: PE uniform for the day which includes: Tracksuit top, PE blue shirt, shorts, school sneakers and blue PE socks. Students will also need to pack their hat, sunscreen, St Hilda’s bathers, rashie, towel and tracksuit pants in their School PE Bag.

Please note that any further correspondence regarding the day will be through the St Hilda’s App. Please make sure you have selected ‘Year 3’ in settings, under subscriptions.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Outdoor Education Department or your daughter’s classroom teacher.

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