Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Outdoor Education Department at St Hilda’s has been supporting the Duke of Ed Award for over 20 years and has seen hundreds of students finish Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. 

One important aspect of the award is for the students to be self motivated to complete all aspects.  We are here to support the students however the Duke of Ed Award is designed to promote self-reliance and responsibility in young people, so we will not be pushing them to finish.  As they have until they are 25 it is their choice to what level they participate!

Should students complete their Award whilst in years 10 – 12 then they will also have the Award enrolled as a completed WACE endorsed subject.

If you need any help or advice throughout your Award, the Duke of Ed WA website is a great place to start: www.dukeofedwa.org.au


Students enrolling in the Duke of Ed Award whilst at St Hilda’s need to submit the Parent/Guardian Consent Form along with payment. 

The cost per student per award is $140 Bronze Award, $160 Silver Award and $185 Gold Award


To register online and begin recording your hours make sure you register online at www.awardswa.org.au

Make sure you select ST HILDAS as your Licensed Operator and also use your St Hilda’s email address.


For all information on the Duke of Ed Insurance policy please go to www.dukeofed.com.au
Please note your daughter is covered under the Duke of Ed Scheme whilst participating in certain activities and not the Schools insurance.


the Duke of Ed has three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each of these levels is made up of four Sections: Physical Recreation, Skills, Service and Adventurous Journey. The Gold Award has an additional requirement – a Residential Project. All Participants in the Duke of Ed must be registered with an Award Unit. The Award Unit must approve activity Assessors prior to Participants undertaking any Award activities with them.

Participants design their own program by selecting activities that interest them and then set their goals according to the following minimum requirements (summarised in the table below). Full requirements for obtaining an Award are set out in more detail in The Australian Award Handbook.









3 months*

6 months*

12 months*


3 months*

6 months*

12 months*

Physical Recreation

3 months*

6 months*

12 months*

Plus for the major Section

All Participants must complete an additional 3 months in either Skill, Service or Physical Recreation.

Participants who have not achieved a Bronze Award must complete an additional 6 months in either Skill, Service or Physical Recreation.

Participants who have not achieved a Silver Award must complete an additional 6 months in either Skill, Service or Physical Recreation.

Adventurous Journey

2 days + 1 night**

3 days + 2 nights**

4 days + 3 nights**

Residential Project



5 days + 4 nights

Minimum age to start

14 years

15 years

16 years

Minimum age to finish

(without exception)


Bronze Awardees: 15 years, 6


Direct entrants: 16 years

Silver Awardees: 17 years

Direct entrants: 17 years, 6


Maximum age to finish

(without exception)

Before 25th birthday

Before 25th birthday

Before 25th birthday

*These are minimum time requirements and are expressed in whole months, during which there should be regular commitment. Regular time commitment is at least one (1) hour per week, two (2) hours per two weeks or four (4) hours per four weeks. Award Participants are encouraged to continue their activities beyond the minimum time. Refer to section 1.6.2 in the Australian Award Handbook for further important information.

**Satisfactory completion of the Adventurous Journey Section includes preparation and training appropriate for the journeys being undertaken and at least one practice journey of a similar nature and duration to the qualifying journey.

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