St Hilda’s understands the pressures on busy professionals and offers an extended-hours program which makes it easy for Junior School parents to combine careers and quality parenting.

Our Extend-ED program is available mornings and afternoons in conjunction with our highly regarded school program. We can care for your child at our Chidley Campus from 7:00am to 6:00pm every day in term. Located at our Early Learning Centre, Extend-ED is available for children from Junior Kindergarten to Year 6. It combines first-class care with educational activities which are designed and staffed by St Hilda’s specialist Early Childhood teachers and qualified Education Assistants. Included in our fees, students enjoy a light, nutritious breakfast in the morning and afternoon tea is provided for children who stay after school.

Casual Rates from Term 1, 2019

Mornings $10
Afternoons $28
Full Day Rate (pupil-free days) $90

Vacation Program

Vacation programs are run independently of Extend-ED in the school holidays.  Charges apply. Details are available below:

Extend-ED and Holiday Programs 

Extend-ED runs some holiday programs, care for pupil free days and some mid-term breaks.
The service caters for girls and boys 3 years of age to Year 6 at school.
Children outside the St Hilda’s community are welcome to attend.
Three session options are available:

7am - 12.30pm  @ $50     
12.30pm - 6pm  @ $50
7am - 6pm @ $90

Enrolment and Bookings

You must be registered with KidsXap to book sessions. Please contact Trish Jakovich at trish.jakovich@sthildas.wa.edu.au for assistance.

Charges apply unless 24 hour notice is given.

Extend-ED and the Holiday Programs will run during term time and the dates stipulated below. At all other times the service is closed.



Holiday Program Dates

Term 2- Pupil Free Day - Extend-ED Available 7am to 6pm

Monday 29 April

Term 2 Mid Term Break - Extend-ED Available 7am to 6pm

Friday 31 May

Term 2 Holiday Program -Extend-ED Available 7am to 6pm

Monday 8 July
Tuesday 9 July
Wednesday 10
Thursday 11 July
Friday 12 July
Monday 15 July
Tuesday 16 July

Details on each day can be found here

Term 3- Pupil Free Day - Extend-ED Available 7am to 6pm

Monday 22 July

Term 3 Holiday Program -Extend-ED Available 7am to 6pm

Tuesday 1 October
Wednesday 2 October
Thursday 3 October
Friday 4 October
Monday 7 October
Tuesday 8 October

Find out more about the October Holiday Program here.

Term 4- Pupil Free Day - Extend-ED Available 7am to 6pm

Monday 14 October

Term 4 Holiday Program -Extend-ED Available 7am to 6pm

Friday 6 December
Monday 9 December
Tuesday 10 December
Wednesday 11 December
Thursday 12 December
Friday 13 December
Monday 16 December
Tuesday 17 December
Wednesday 18 December
Thursday 19 December
Friday 20 December

More details regarding the Term 4 Holiday Program can be found here

January 2020 Holiday Program Dates TBA

Child Care Benefits

St Hilda’s is a registered carer. Child care benefits may be available to families, depending on individual circumstances. Please contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.

More about Extend-ED

  • Students may bring casual play clothes for after school.
  • Parents should inform their class teacher if their child is attending Extend-ED.
  • All Extend-ED students must report to the Extend-ED Centre, located in the Early Learning Centre, when they arrive before school begins and in the afternoon as soon as class is finished.
  • Extend-ED students must be collected from the Extend-ED Centre. Students will be released only into the care of an adult who has been nominated on the enrolment form.
  • Parents should inform Extend-ED if an enrolled student will not be attending on a scheduled day by email to extended@sthildas.wa.edu.au
  • Extend-ED students will be provided with a light, nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea.
  • Extend-ED students may attend various clubs and activities in the afternoons. A detailed program will be available for the academic year.

Late Collection of Students from School and Extend-ED

  • Students who are not collected at the close of school will be taken to Extend-ED and normal rates will apply.
  • A penalty fee of $10 per 5 minutes will be imposed for Extend-ED students who are not collected by 6pm.

Contact us: extended@sthildas.wa.edu.au or 08 9285 4520