Train safety

Transperth Safe Travel Tips

  • Never hesitate to ask us for assistance.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and what is happening near you.
  • Keep the volume low on your audio device.
  • Plan your journey before you start to minimise the amount of time you wait at stations or stops.
  • If possible, have someone meet you, or tell friends or family when you expect to be home.
  • Avoid waiting or walking in dark areas.
  • Stay close to Transperth staff if they are present.
  • Sit in carriages with plenty of other people present
  • On train stations, stay in well-lit areas in view of security cameras.
  • On train stations, stand back from the yellow line on the edge of the platform. When trains go past they create a powerful draft that can unbalance you.
  • Always stay off train tracks. Walking across them is dangerous and illegal, unless it is an open pedestrian crossing and it is safe to do so.
  • Be aware of the location of emergency buttons.
  • On buses, sit at the front near the driver.
  • Trust your instincts move away from people who make you feel unsafe and sit in another area with plenty of people.

If you need assistance or feel threatened

There are several ways to get help if you need it.
If there are Transit Officers and other Transperth staff nearby, ask them.

  • Call 9220 9999.
  • On a bus, speak to the bus driver.
  • On a train, push the emergency button to speak to the driver.
  • On a train station, push the emergency button on an information kiosk to speak to our Central Monitoring Room.
  • Speak to your Tutor and Head of Year when you arrive to School