Handbooks, Forms and References

Senior School
Handbooks, Forms and References


2017 Music Handbook
2017 Boarding Handbook
2017 Sport Handbook
2017 Swimming Handbook
2017 Rowing Handbook
2016 Athletics Handbook

2017 Year 7 Handbook
2017 Year 8 Handbook
2017 Year 9 Handbook
2017 Year 10 Handbook
2018 Year 11 and 12 Handbook
2017 Year 12 Student Information Handbook

Schedules & Timetables

Music Cocurricular Timetable

Rowing Schedule - Term 2, 2017
Cross Country and Fitness Schedule - Term 2
Fitness Schedule - Term 3

After School Tutoring Program

The Wizard of Oz Skeleton Rehearsal Schedule
The Wizard of Oz Rehearsal Schedule Week 5

Netball (Term 2)

Year 7/8 Schedule
Juniors Schedule
Seniors Schedule

Hockey (Term 2)

Year 7/8 Schedule
Juniors Schedule
Seniors Schedule


Application to be Absent during Term
Sickness/Misadventure Form
Music Tuition Application Form
Music Instrument Hire Form
Music Instrument Holiday Hire Form
Speech and Drama Application 2017
Music Tour Form

Senior School Bus Bookings
Senior School Infrequent Bus User Bookings



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SchoolTV - Wellbeing resources
Year 8 Parent Fast Facts
Auditing Your Daughter's Instagram Account
Year 8 Technology Survey Results
A Parent's Guide to Instagram
A Parent's Guide to Snapchat