Speech and Drama Applications 2018

General Information

Speech and Drama is offered at St Hilda’s as part of the co-curricular program for students in Year 4 to Year 12. Lessons are taught by specialist teachers who work with the students either in individual, paired or grouped classes. On average there are nine lessons per term. Please note that enrolments are for the whole academic year. Students should therefore seriously consider their after-school sporting days for summer and winter, when arranging their lesson as it is often not possible to change lesson times.

Benefits of taking Speech and Drama include an increase in confidence, communication, public speaking skills and acting ability. The individual or small group situation enable intensive work on each student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. Once a year, students perform a Speech and Drama Showcase. This is an evening of rehearsed theatre pieces. The Showcase is a great opportunity for parents to see their daughter perform and to meet with their daughters’ teacher. Students may progress through the external Speech and Drama examination system (as with Music) or can take lessons without doing exams.

The program focuses on:

  • Development of the voice – its quality, power, range and expressiveness
  • The techniques and confidence for public speaking
  • Skills of characterisation for acting
  • Solo performance, both scripted and improvisational
  • Reading and performing pieces from many styles and periods of drama and literature
  • Theory of effective speech and drama

Senior School

The program is extremely useful to students pursuing Drama in the senior year as it gives an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of dramatic performance and theory. 

All Senior School classes are scheduled for after school. During busy times, including the school production, teachers will do their best to rearrange lessons with the appropriate notice. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

Junior School

Junior School students have their lessons during school on a rotating timetable. Junior School students are only permitted to take one subject that entails leaving class during the school day, i.e. they cannot leave for both a Speech and Drama lesson and a musical instrument lesson. If they wish to do both these subjects, one lesson will need to be arranged for lunchtime or before or after school. Lunchtime classes are only for students who take a musical instrument and wish to participate in the examination. If enough applications are received, there are after school large groups for students in Year 5 and 6. These classes are more recreational and do not involve examination work.


After school group - $23 per lesson
(1 hour - Year 5 & 6 only)
Paired or group lessons - $31 per lesson
(max 4 per group 45 minutes for pairs,
1 hour for groups)
Individual - $34 per lesson
(30 minutes – Junior School)
Individual - $40 per lesson
(45 minutes – Senior School)

Please be advised: The size of the group classes cannot be extended from the maximum capacity mentioned above. This is so all students benefit from a smaller more detailed lesson.

For further information please contact the Drama Department via email or phone 9285 4236.

Speech and Drama Applications 2018

Speech and Drama Applications 2018

Please keep in mind other commitments in advance you may wish to also participate in throughout the year, such as sport, music, production and after school clubs. 

See Terms and Conditions for more information regarding lesson changes.