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Fiona Johnston

St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls


About Fiona Johnston

Fiona commenced as the thirteenth Principal of St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls in 2019.

Fiona believes that promoting clear alignment, transparency, trust and respectful relationships are key to growing and nurturing learning communities.  She is passionate about fostering personal growth opportunities for all students, young women and staff at St Hilda’s, ensuring that students are prepared for the transitions in life that lie ahead.

Fiona demonstrates a high-impact, open and inclusive leadership style that centres on social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development. Fiona encourages youth and educators through the processes of personal discovery and education to actualise a better tomorrow.  Towards the top of Fiona’s list of responsibilities is student wellbeing and engagement.

Fiona’s passion is growing creative, independent, resilient and socially-adept young people.  As the leader of St Hilda’s, she encourages students and young women to “lean in” to their growth and future careers, through personal agency, preparedness and a commitment to fulfilling their academic and personal potential.

In progressing St Hilda’s culture of excellence and adaption, Fiona understands the power of collaboration and values the contributions of others.  She makes time and space, integrating lived experiences and fosters a deep rapport with the students, staff and broader community.

Fiona is committed to sustainable improvement and positive growth at St Hilda’s further promoting St Hilda’s unique position as the leading school in Perth.

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