// Jo Swain - Dean of Student Wellbeing (7-12)
Dean of Student Wellbeing (7-12)

Jo Swain

St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls

About Jo Swain

Jo is a dedicated staff member, having served at St Hilda’s since 2004. Jo is a highly regarded educator and colleague who has been a Head of Year for 12 years and coordinated the Pilgrimage to Fiji for 13 years.

Jo managed the Wellbeing team which included the six Heads of Year, psychologists, nursing staff and Head of Community Service. This amazing team works closely to ensure each student is supported in their social, emotional and psychological development and wellbeing.

Jo is passionate about girls education and committed to ensuring all students are individually known, nurtured, advocated for and guided as a member of the St Hilda’s Community.