// Julie Cameron - Dean of Student Wellbeing (JK-6)
Dean of Student Wellbeing (JK-6)

Julie Cameron

St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls

About Julie Cameron

Julie has been a dedicated staff member of St Hilda’s for 16 years and is a highly regarded educator and colleague. She has successfully worked collaboratively to ensure our students are offered a holistic and high-quality education to achieve their potential.  Julie contributes to the role of Dean of Student Wellbeing (JK-6) with a wealth of knowledge through her demonstrated aspiration to stay informed of leading well-being practices.

Julie has a Master of Education degree and received the highly prestigious Fogarty Foundation prize and scholarship for her studies in learning difficulties. Julie uses her analytical strengths to focus on identifying student achievement to develop opportunities for the growth of all students.

Julie is highly collegial, outcome and values focused, strengthening her expertise to support her colleagues for the benefit of students. She draws on her highly established skills of bringing a united approach to the development and implementation of new programs and experiences that provide positive wellbeing and a value- based environment for our school community.