// Trish Jakovich - Director of Junior School
Director of Junior School

Trish Jakovich

St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls

About Trish Jakovich

Since joining St Hilda’s, Trish has established a collaborative and dedicated approach to the education of young children. Trish is committed to remaining abreast of leading educational practices and brin­­gs to the position of Director of Junior School a Masters in Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling. She was the recipient of the St Hilda’s Council Award in 2018 in recognition of her outstanding commitment to teaching and learning at St Hilda’s.

Trish is a dedicated and visionary leader who strives for excellence and believes in the power of collaboration. Her interactions with others are built on the foundations of justice, care and respect.

She values every member of our school community and identifies and celebrates her colleague’s individual talents and expertise. Trish is committed to putting the needs of our girls and young boys first.

Trish brings to this executive leadership position the ability to communicate a vision and transform an idea to reality. This is evident through her introduction of parenting programs and exceptional attention to detail in all that she leads. She is renowned for her professional integrity, agility and reliability. Her beliefs are strongly aligned with our St Hilda’s values and she is committed to excellence in all that she does.