Perth Private Schools and the Positive Impact of Cocurricular

Are Private Schools Worth it in Australia?

Private schools in Australia, such as St Hilda’s, offer a unique educational experience. They provide a nurturing environment that promotes personal growth and academic excellence. The school’s comprehensive curriculum, coupled with its commitment to fostering a love of learning, ensures that students are well-prepared for their future endeavours.

As one of the leading Perth private schools, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls has been providing exceptional education for over 125 years. With a focus on academic excellence, character development, and community spirit, St Hilda’s aims to nurture well-rounded young women ready to make their mark on the world.

Central to the school’s approach is an extensive cocurricular program that enriches students’ learning and growth.

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The Importance of Cocurricular Activities at Perth Private Schools

Participation in cocurricular activities provides immense benefits for students at private schools in Perth like St Hilda’s. Research shows that activities beyond the classroom promote better academic performance, improved relationships, and interpersonal skills. Students discover and develop passions by choosing from a wide range of creative, sporting and leadership pursuits tailored to their individual interests.

The school encourages students to challenge themselves by taking up new activities across the year.

Offerings include team sports like water polo, netball, basketball, and rowing alongside individual pursuits such as dance, drama, and outdoor education. For musically inclined students, St Hilda’s has an outstanding music program for which we are fortunate to have many of Western Australia’s leading instrumental teachers available to teach these lessons. The debating club and the reconciliation committee allow budding communicators to find their voice. Robotics, coding, and textiles committees cater to those with an affinity for STEM and design.

Recognising that every girl’s individual passion and capacity may be different, the cocurricular activities, programs, and initiatives at St Hilda’s and most Perth private schools are offered to reflect the best interests of the girls. No matter the passion, St Hilda’s has an activity to foster it.


Building Community Through Shared Experiences

By learning, practising, and competing together, students form deep bonds and a sense of community. Friendships forged during cocurricular activities often last well beyond school years. Activities teach teamwork, motivation, and responsible leadership as students collaborate on productions, motivate each other at sports carnivals, and take on leadership positions.

Events like interschool competitions, concerts, and drama performances give students opportunities to proudly represent St Hilda’s. Both the junior JIGSSA and senior IGSSA Interschool carnivals and events occur at regular intervals throughout the school year, with cheering squads and fierce but friendly competition between neighbouring girls’ private schools. Students build confidence rehearsing and performing on stage, at the IGGSA Dance Festival, public performance evenings, or at the annual Major School Production Musical during the Arts Festival, a highlight of the St Hilda’s calendar.


Developing Skills for Life

Alongside fostering interests and friendships, cocurricular involvement provides lifelong skills that complement academic study. Students learn time management, communication skills and creative thinking. Activities teach self-motivation, dedication, and responsible self-management required for success beyond school.

Participation also supports students’ wellbeing and sense of identity. The opportunity to pursue passions reduces stress and fosters emotional growth during the formative high school years. Students feel a sense of belonging by representing school colours on the sports field or science clubs. Importantly, family and friends are encouraged to attend cocurricular events, further strengthening community spirit. A huge part of this is having their parents, family, and friends supporting them in showcasing their talents.


Perth Private Schools Co-Educational Opportunities

Over the past four years, St Hilda’s has committed to providing increased opportunities to engage, interact, and connect with other Perth private schools, including neighbouring boys’ schools.

St Hilda’s students now participate in co-education opportunities and events throughout junior and senior school, including our annual Music concert with Christ Church Grammar School. The concert has been a tradition since 1988 and the students thrive at the combined production.

This, together with other co-education activities, allows students to build connections in the wider community through volunteering, competing, and performing. Perth private schools embrace co-education opportunities, when they present, as it is known how much the girls enjoy the connections and friendships that they make from these experiences with neighbouring boys’ schools.


With a diverse, flexible, and inclusive cocurricular program, St Hilda’s enriches the learning experience and encourages students to flourish. Students build confidence, skills, and friendships while pursuing their passions to become well-rounded individuals. So don’t just imagine the possibilities – get involved in St Hilda’s cocurricular program today.

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