Service at Marble Bar Primary School

In Term 1 Week 9, four Year 11 students from both St Hilda’s and Christ Church Grammar School…

In Term 1 Week 9, four Year 11 students from both St Hilda’s and Christ Church Grammar School travelled to Marble Bar, providing service at Marble Bar Primary School.

The days were filled supporting teachers and students with their learning, assisting with swimming lessons and playing with the children after school hours at the Recreation Centre.

Our students mentored their students on a range of topics, including mindfulness and well being, chemistry, English essay development and intensive one on one literacy and numeracy instruction for the younger students.

Other highlights from the trip included a tour of the nursing post and police station, a community cricket match followed by a BBQ, and a friendly water polo match.

Shane Wilson, Marble Bar Primary School Principal commented that

“The leadership, initiative and service shown by the students has been truly exceptional and I wish these eight students all the very best for their future leadership, academic and non-academic endeavours.”

Year 11 students Bridie and Jacob also commented on their experiences of the trip;

“As a group we all reflected on our experiences and decided that the lessons we got out of this trip will remain with us forever. The importance of education and how lucky we all are, to go to the schools we do, was an eye opening experience for us all. We have learnt to never take our opportunities for granted and now know what we can do to help communities like this.”

The trip was a privilege for the staff and students at both St Hilda’s and Christ Church to serve in the community, to support the children and staff and to learn firsthand about Aboriginal culture.