Sparking Extraordinary Futures – that means staff too!

Inspiring inventive and adaptive thinkers with a curiosity to learn. St Hilda’s Reimagined is designed with our future…

Inspiring inventive and adaptive thinkers with a curiosity to learn.

St Hilda’s Reimagined is designed with our future 2030 graduate in mind. Our strategic intent aims to put St Hilda’s at the forefront of education, leading the way for other schools in Australia and beyond. Our future focus reflects worldwide shifts in learning environments and technology while still honouring and respecting our traditions, heritage and importantly the spirit of St Hilda’s that we all know and love.

To achieve the intentions set out for our ambitious future, we must ensure we continue to attract and retain exceptional teachers who are committed to personal excellence, passionate about girls’ education and aligned with the values, purpose and future direction of St Hilda’s. We are committed to sparking extraordinary futures for everyone in our community.

Our values guide our culture and ethos and apply to all:

Authenticity      We value who we are and respect others knowing that self-belief is our greatest attribute.

Belonging           We nurture relationships, the St Hilda’s spirit, and the part we play in the global community.

Excellence          We encourage the pursuit of our personal best and lifting others.

Imagination       We are courageous and open our minds to possibilities.

Opportunities for our staff to connect and celebrate personal and professional highlights is important to building our collegial sense of belonging. St Hilda’s is committed to ensuring that our staff flourish individually and collectively and work closely with staff to respond to changing needs. It is important that all staff feel and do well at St Hilda’s. Our staff are exceptional in the care of our girls. Equally important is the schools care of staff. Teacher and student wellbeing is intrinsically linked. When our staff feel valued and appreciated, our community thrives.

Investing in a healthy workplace is more important than ever and a key priority for St Hilda’s as we come out of an unprecedented period of connection upheaval.

Regardless of where you are in your career journey, if you feel an alignment with who St Hilda’s is and believe you can help us achieve (and exceed!) our aspirations and goals, then we would warmly welcome your application.