State Tetrathlon

Dedicating your time to excel in one chosen sport can be tiring enough, but how about 4 at…

Dedicating your time to excel in one chosen sport can be tiring enough, but how about 4 at once? Year 10 student Isabelle is a tetrathlon competitor, and had the opportunity to compete in the State Tetrathlon Competition in April.

A tetrathlon consists of four events – show jumping, running, shooting and swimming. We caught up with Isabelle to ask her some questions about the sport and competing in the state event.


What does each event consist of?
The shooting is a laser gun with a ten metre target, the swim is 200m, run is 2km and the horse ride is a hickstead which consists of show jumping and cross country jumps with a gate and a slip rail which means you have to get off half way through.


How did you get into Tetrathlon?
I’m a boarder and the Australian coach lives in Esperance and ran a mini test when I was in Year 6, and then she influenced me to keep going.


What is your favourite component of the sport?
My favourite component is the ride or the swim, with the run being the hardest mentally.


How do you balance all the training?
As I’m a boarder my horse isn’t always with me so I don’t get to train as much in that regard, but I use the St Hilda’s Swim club, do my own running training and go to my club for shooting.


Where would you like to go with the sport?
I would like to remake the state team for nationals next year and then make the Australian Team for international competitions when I’m old enough.


Isabelle was the recipient of the Lucy Oorshot Trophy from the event, as the highest combined run and swim scores in a female competitor in 105/95cm class. Congratulations Isabelle, we can’t wait to see where you go with this!


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