Cocurricular Opportunities

Self Expression

Cocurricular activities allow students to showcase and express their talents or develop an interest in areas outside of academic studies. They can also inspire subject choices and career pathways for the future.  They often help build self-confidence and students can form new friendships with like-minded people outside of their core friendship groups. There is the opportunity to be mentored by older students with the majority of cocurricular activities spanning multiple year levels.

Never Stop Exploring

These activities let girls follow their passions, try something new or hone their individual strengths, interests and gifts. Ultimately healthy minds contribute to their overall wellbeing and sense of belonging which promotes success in the classroom.
Skills learnt through participating in cocurricular activities are transferable to academic learning. Social skills, time management, organisational skills and commitment are necessary requirements to succeed. It challenges creative thinkers and builds strong discipline all while broadening their strengths and interests.

Opportunities on Offer

An excellent Cocurricular program requires passionate, dedicated and committed staff that are prepared to go the extra mile to enhance students experiences and learning opportunities. Some examples of the opportunities on offer are community service initiatives, leadership, environment, art and robotics to name just a few. St Hilda’s well-rounded cocurricular program continues to evolve to meet student needs.