Building ESSTEAM™ for girls

St Hilda’s ESSTEAM™ Program introduces and establishes entrepreneurship skills and opportunities for girls and young women to connect with real-life problems.

What does ESSTEAM™ stand for?
It’s an Entrepreneurship program that aims to solve Sustainability problems through the lens of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.


Why is entrepreneurialism important?

These are the skills that create value, solve problems, and understand the balance of risk for reward. Entrepreneurs are hard-wired to be future-focussed. Women entrepreneurs represent a large and untapped resource for generating jobs and high-growth businesses. Those women exposed to entrepreneurialism at an early age are more likely to employ these skills in their career.

Our ESSTEAM™ Program

In the past, schools have created innovators and entrepreneurs by accident, rather than by design….until now. What we believe is missing is an entrepreneurial mindset through a sustainability lens. ESSTEAM™ will provide our girls with the opportunity to turn concepts into concrete solutions and ideas into actions. As educators, we know that experiences help fuel our girls drive to become lifelong learners and innovators. The deepest learning happens when their passions meet an opportunity for action. Today’s students want a purpose for learning and opportunities to create value for others.

St Hilda’s is leading the way in introducing a compulsory innovative program for Years 5 to 10, incorporating entrepreneurialism, as part of each girl’s educational curriculum journey.

Our ESSTEAM™ program will inspire inventive and adaptive thinkers with a curiosity for learning, and I look forward to its lasting impact on our girls.

Principal, Fiona Johnston

ESSTEAM™ in Action