Junior School

St Hilda’s Junior School is located on the Chidley Campus at McCabe Street, Mosman Park. This beautiful campus houses approximately 400 students with boys in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten. From Pre-Primary, St Hilda’s is an all girls’ school.

The three-hectare campus offers the very latest in learning environments with quality, custom-designed facilities and inspirational surroundings. Its use of both classrooms and the local environment as learning spaces makes St Hilda’s distinctive, enhancing the integration of sustainability themes across the curriculum and in daily life.

Welcome to Junior School

Year 6 Junior School Head Girl Allegra welcomes you to St Hilda's.

Junior Kindy to Year 2

The early years are the most important in a child's development. Their learning environment plays a big role in shaping the type of people they will grow to be.

Years 3 to 4

Building on their foundation skills and sense of self, children begin to explore through their curiosity for learning and further develop the necessary literacy and numeracy skills. Additional specialist programs are introduced.

Years 5 to 6

Providing tailored opportunities for social and academic development and helping students to step up to leadership positions, be independent and prepare them for Senior School.

After Hours Care

Catering to busy professionals, Extend Australia runs our before and after school care program as well as our holiday programs.

Extend Australia has a strong reputation as one of Australia’s finest Out of School Hours Care providers and provides flexibility for bookings and enrolments.