Year 3 and 4

Shining as Individuals

As students grow in self-confidence, they start to trust their instincts, understanding what they like and don’t like and start to focus on their interests. Through this, they develop friendships with like-minded peers and seek knowledge to feed their curiosity.

Creative Problem Solvers

Students develop independent inquiry skills and start to see problems as opportunities. Through our designated STEAM Makerspace, students encounter a range of interesting challenges like robotics, coding, engineering, electronics, designing, making and inventing.

Specialist Learning Programs

St Hilda’s specialist learning programs are taught by a specialist teacher who is not the classroom teacher. Specialist areas have a JK to Year 12 focus with a Head of Department who resides in the Senior School so that our students are well prepared when they reach Senior School.

 Year 3Year 4
Physical Education
Swimming Lessons
Outdoor Education
Visual Arts
Religious and Philosophical Studies
Primo Strings Program
Choral Program

Experience a day in the life.

We offer sit-in days where your daughter can come and experience a day in the life of a St Hilda’s student. This will give her an opportunity to make friends and get a taste of what a St Hilda’s education has to offer.