JK to Year 2

With a solid foundation, students can thrive

Our teachers take the time to get to know your child as an individual. We support the development of the whole child which includes mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Helping our young ones grasp the basics is our starting point. We prioritise literacy and numeracy in the early years, with speech and occupational therapy assessments to identify those in need of additional support.

The play-based approach in the Early Learning Centre introduces and reinforces concepts in a way that engages each child’s interest. Play-based learning capitalists in children’s natural sense of inquiry and discovery through hands-on exploration of the world around them.

The benefits of Nature Play

Our natural environment and wide-open spaces spark curiosity and imagination.

Bright and airy classrooms are complemented by a variety of informal and formal areas that support different modes of learning.
Students learn through movement and build confidence in their ability to collaborate and problem solve.

Specialist Learning Programs

St Hilda’s specialist learning programs are taught by a specialist teacher who is not the classroom teacher. Specialist areas have a JK to Year 12 focus with a Head of Department who resides in the Senior School so that our students are well prepared when they reach Senior School.

Junior KindyKindyPre PrimaryYear 1Year 2
Physical Education
Swimming Lessons
Outdoor Education
Visual Arts
Primo Strings Program


Playing a musical instrument uses all areas of the brain. At St Hilda’s, music starts in Junior Kindergarten. Courses include our Primo Strings Program for Pre Primary to Year 4 and Choral Program for Years 3 to 6, along with many cocurricular opportunities.

The skills learned in music assist all other academic, physical and emotional development.

Powerful Presenters

This new program for students in Pre-primary to Year 6 will challenge and empower all learners to become extraordinary leaders and impactful speakers. It aims to teach young students the skills to express themselves clearly, confidently and authentically who will connect with others, inspire, lead and effect positive change in the community.

The program will build confidence and develop communication and resilience skills through listening, oral presentation, choral speaking, music, movement and role play. Having strong public speaking skills is a skill everyone benefits from throughout their whole life.

The program will include:

  • Verbal & Non verbal Communication Skills – ( e.g. eye contact, tone of voice, body language, listening,)
  • Strategies to manage fear and anxiety during public speaking and performances.
  • Resilience skills – to take risks, be out of their comfort zone when presenting to others
  • To listen with an open mind
  • Persuasive skills

Explore our Early Learning Centre

We invite you to experience the Junior School in action through one of our group or personal tours.