Everyday Opportunities

Our specialist curriculum introduces Dance, Languages, STEAM, Art and Music into the classroom from pre-primary. Additional cocurricular activities before and after school such as Robotics, Mixed Media Art, Journalism, Public Speaking, and Nature Play give girls the opportunity to explore their passions and find a place to shine.

Science Technology Engineering Maths

Music and the Arts


Outdoor Education


Our designated STEAM Makerspace is a hands on learning space where students encounter a range of interesting challenges. Children grow in confidence and develop independent inquiry skills by seeing problems as opportunities for design.

Guided by a STEAM Specialist Teacher, students experience robotics, coding, engineering, electronics, designing, making and inventing.

Music and the Arts


Playing a musical instrument uses all areas of the brain. At St Hilda’s, music starts in Junior Kindergarten. Courses include our Year 2 Strings Program and Choral Program for Years 3 to 6, along with many cocurricular opportunities. The skills learned in music assist all other academic, physical and emotional development.



Beyond being a lot of fun, dance provides numerous developmental benefits. From better coordination and rhythm to strength and flexibility, dance is a great form of self-expression.
St Hilda’s Dance Program helps improve spatial awareness and agility as well as being a great form of aerobic fitness that leads to healthy minds and bodies.


Our specialist teaching staff take into consideration the age level and interests of the individual to create an enviroment of self-discovery, skill building, technique development, exploration and fun. Students discover the art world through different learning styles that are designed to kick start creativity, improve fine motor skills and problem solving.



Resilience is a valuable skill that sport teaches. Through swimming, netball, minkey, soccer, AFL, basketball, athletics and more, our Physical Education team promote the importance of keeping active.
Physical activity helps with endurance, core fitness and mental wellbeing along with team spirit and good sportsmanship.


Swimming is an essential skill that all children need to have. Being a confident swimmer allows children to safely enjoy our beautiful beaches, the serene Swan River and backyard swimming pools.
The swimming program is taught by highly trained instructors from the St Hilda’s Swim School. Students take advantage of the geothermally heated swimming pool at the Senior School.

Outdoor Education

Our students benefit from learning outdoors with our onsite nature play area known as The Eucalypts, the Russell Brown Adventure Park located next to our campus and specialist Outdoor Education program for girls in Years 3 to 6.

Connecting with nature provides a mix of feelings and attitudes for children, which we know has positive effects on their learning, physical health, emotional wellbeing and personal interactions.

Clubs and Committees

St Hilda’s Junior School also has over 25 Clubs and Committees, which students can join including;

  • Community Service
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Art Club
  • Nature Play
  • Drumming Club
  • French Club
  • Robotics
  • Speech and Drama
  • Study Club