Year 5 and 6

Confidence and Compassion

Students get to know who they are as individuals and their place in the community. We encourage students to play an active role in what and how they learn, setting them up for the future.

Future Ready Leaders

Throughout their Junior School journey, girls grow in confidence and gain skills that not only set a strong foundation for Senior School but will stay with them for life.

Compassionate members of the community

We value community service and create an environment where the girls can give their time and support various initiatives in our wider community.

Specialist Learning Programs

St Hilda’s specialist learning programs are taught by a specialist teacher who is not the classroom teacher. Specialist areas have a JK to Year 12 focus with a Head of Department who resides in the Senior School so that our students are well prepared when they reach Senior School.

 Year 5Year 6
Physical Education
Swimming Lessons
Outdoor Education
Visual Arts
Religious and Philosophical Studies
Choral Program