Year 5 and 6

As girls enter their tweens, they begin to question themselves, their friendships and their place in the world. It can be a volatile time for relationships as the pressure of school, hormones and friendships start to escalate.  

It’s a critical time for girls to embed skills that will enhance their confidence, build their strengths and allow them to explore ideas, free from fear of failure.  

Your influence in their lives at this time is critical. Before entering high school, you are in a position to ensure they have the study skills, confidence and emotional awareness to build healthy relationships and succeed academically once they hit their teens. 

St Hilda’s has designed its academic and wellbeing programs, together with its learning spaces, to meet the needs of girls this age. Our bespoke Year 5 and 6 program gives them the skills they need to take the next step into senior school with confidence.  

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Ten reasons to consider a transition in Year 5

Specialised Learning Programs

St Hilda’s specialist learning programs are taught by a specialist teacher who is not the classroom teacher. Specialist areas have a JK to Year 12 focus with a Head of Department who resides in the Senior School so that our students are well prepared when they reach Senior School.

Year 5Year 6
Physical Education
Swimming Lessons
Outdoor Education
Visual Arts
Coro Program
Primo Band Program
Powerful Presenters
Ignite Program
Confidence Code


Cocurricular Opportunities


Study Club

St Hilda’s academic results are built on setting the foundations of study early. We support the girls to understand how to study effectively and leverage off their unique learning styles. At Study Club, girls in Years 5 and 6 can come together after school, to finish homework, ask for assistance with specific problems or complete group assignments under the supervision of a teacher.

For busy families, it’s a great way to know that homework is done, with the help of a specialist educator, leaving time at home to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s also an effective introduction to high school, where students can access the Tute Centre and the Library after school four days a week before and after school.


Hanabi Taiko Drumming

Named after the Japanese word for fireworks, the Hanabi Taiko drumming program gives the girls a place to celebrate their inner power. Group drumming requires superb teamwork, individual responsibility and an understanding of the power of the group. Drumming lifts the girls’ energy and empowers them to create music that stirs the spirit. Girls perform at school celebrations and external functions.

Ignite Award Program

Ignite Award is an exciting program of discovery for young people and provides a framework to learn valuable skills, be physically active, assist others in the community and experience adventures. It is a great tool for young people to transition into secondary school and fosters positive self development and leadership skills. This program is being run as a co-educational opportunity with Scotch College.

Similar to the Duke of Edinborough Awards, students create a unique program of activities across four activity sections:

  • Physical Activity: To encourage participation in physical activity and improve performance and fitness
  • Hobby: To encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills
  • Volunteering: To develop and encourage a sense of community spirit and responsibility to others
  • Adventure: Encourage a spirit of exploration and increase confidence in unfamiliar places

The Confidence Code for Girls

All girls in Years 5 and 6 are introduced to the Confidence Code for Girls book and journal. This empowering book delivers messages to help girls decode the secrets of confidence. Written to appeal to girls aged 10 to 12, the book explores real life stories, quizzes, challenges and reflections. It’s about how to embrace failure, seek out help and believe in your authentic self.

Girls discuss the book in class and meet once a term with parents at Book Club and explore the themes in the Confidence Code for Girls. It provides a platform for parents and children to speak about what it means to believe in yourself and build resilience.

Girls Lifting Girls Speaker Series

Drawing on the talent in our community, girls are exposed to exceptional female leaders at a regular breakfast speaker series. The speaker shares her story of success and roadblocks. The Speaker challenges the girls to think outside the box about how they might contribute to the community. Parents are invited to accompany their daughters to the events and talk to them about the themes raised.

Powerful Presenters

This new program for students in Pre-primary to Year 6 will challenge and empower all learners to become extraordinary leaders and impactful speakers. It aims to teach young students the skills to express themselves clearly, confidently and authentically who will connect with others, inspire, lead and effect positive change in the community.

The program will build confidence and develop communication and resilience skills through listening, oral presentation, choral speaking, music, movement and role play. Having strong public speaking skills is a skill everyone benefits from throughout their whole life.

The program will include:

  • Verbal & Non verbal Communication Skills – ( e.g. eye contact, tone of voice, body language, listening,)
  • Strategies to manage fear and anxiety during public speaking and performances.
  • Resilience skills – to take risks, be out of their comfort zone when presenting to others
  • To listen with an open mind
  • Persuasive skills

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Find out why you should take the leap and start your daughters St Hilda’s experience from Year 5 and 6.