Dance and Drama


Dance aims to develop student’s confidence, innovation, and expression in movement. Through the Dance curriculum, students will explore techniques of various genres, including contemporary, cultural and popular dance styles. They will learn the elements of Dance and will work both individually and collaboratively to create choreography. In Performance tasks, they will rehearse and perform repertoire created by themselves and others. Dance is presented as a compulsory rotation unit in Year 7 and offered as a Year 8 elective subject with the Dance program continually growing from its inception in 2021.

Cocurricular Dance offers opportunities for live performance in the roles of dancer and choreographer, working with specialists throughout the school year to create dynamic dance pieces for public performances.


Drama inspires students to think about and develop the skills associated with theatrical performance and provides an opportunity for them to explore their own perceptions and creative responses to the world around them. In the Drama classroom we endeavour to engage and enrich students and encourage them to reach their creative and expressive potential. Drama develops students’ confidence, creativity, problem solving and collaborative skills, and provides them with a strong understanding of the importance of teamwork that moves far beyond the theatre and stage.

Drama classes at St Hilda’s are presented as a compulsory rotation unit in Year 7 and offered to students as an option from Years 8 to 10 and then in Year 11 and 12 as an ATAR subject. Students from Years 9 – 12 present the year’s Drama curriculum work in public Performance evenings.

Cocurricular Drama opportunities for our students to shine include the involvement of the whole school in Arts Festival, an annual Major School Production Musical, and the Year 7 and 8 Production. In all cocurricular events our students are encouraged to challenge themselves in various roles including actors, directors, writers, singers, dancers, theatre technicians, costume and makeup designers and artists.

Speech and Drama classes are offered to Year 4 to Year 12 students in a co-curricular capacity and is taught by specialist Speech and Drama Association teachers.


Arts Festival is a highlight of the St Hilda’s School calendar. Events are spread across Term 1 and culminate in a day of performances on the final day of term. It is a student-led festival; House Officials work closely with the Arts Captain to audition and cast their peers, then rehearse, choreograph, write, direct, arrange and conduct the various events. It is a feast of talent across the arts with opportunities for all Senior School students to be a part of the exhibits and entertainment.