Everyday Opportunities

Learning at St Hilda’s extends beyond the classroom. Our students are encouraged to participate in the many varied opportunities that surround them both inside and outside the classroom. Students are provided with a varied program of sporting, social and cultural activities that aim to stimulate their intellectual, creative and personal talents of each individual.

Science Technology Engineering Maths

Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, Languages


Outdoor Education


Students access, analyse, evaluate and use information from a variety of sources to develop prototypes. They work collaboratively with others to achieve individual and collective goals.
Using Bunsen burners, experimenting with chemicals, making and evaporating coloured solutions, investigating simple machines and growing plants are just some of the interesting experiences in which students participate.

The Arts


Our Senior School students’ musical journeys start in Year 7 with the class band program. The concentration and application required in the learning of an instrument have been shown to enhance a student’s academic ability in a wide range of key learning areas. Students have the opportunity to join various bands and ensembles, giving them the experience of performing live.


Drama has the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich students, and encourage them to reach their creative and expressive potential. Drama develops students’ confidence, creativity, problem solving and collaborative skills, and provides them with a strong understanding of the importance of teamwork.


In Year 7 Dance, students will explore dance techniques of various genres, including contemporary and cultural dance. They will learn the elements of Dance and will work both individually and collaboratively to create choreography. In Performance tasks, they will rehearse and perform repertoire created by themselves and others.


Students are introduced to the language and culture of French or Japanese. The learning environment allows students to discover language through their own interests and learning styles.

Visual Arts

Students have opportunities to use and apply visual art language and artistic conventions in their design and production process. Projects encourage personal responses and engage students in exploring themes, concepts, 2D and 3D techniques and processes. Students gain an awareness of cultural, social and historical contexts that are embodied in artworks. They are introduced to a critical analysis framework to analyse artwork and use visual art terminology when responding.


Sport is a core part of our School program where girls can participate in a variety of competitive and non-competitive sporting opportunities from team sports to individual pursuits. We encourage all students to actively strive towards excellence in all sporting endeavours, to work as a team and enjoy the camaraderie.

Outdoor Education

In addition to the Outdoor Education experiences that form part of the curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in additional outdoor programs each year. These trips range from two to eleven days, with examples of past trips have been Shark Bay, New Zealand, Coral Bay and Lancelin. Optional trips incur fees and are run during school holidays and over weekends.

Clubs and Committees

St Hilda’s Senior School also has over 40 Clubs and Committees, which students can join.

What is the difference between Clubs and Committees?

Cocurricular Clubs are an opportunity for students to connect on a social and fun level in an area they are passionate and interested in. It is about connection and socialising, developing the confidence to try new and different opportunities in a social setting.

Cocurricular Committees are made up of 12 students who represent and support a club or initiatives within the school.  These representatives increase the awareness, engagement, participation and support of the department or initiative. This is a wonderful leadership opportunity, and the students are required to nominate, and a selection process will take place, and the students will receive a badge for their commitment and leadership.

Some of the opportunities on offer include:

  • Army Cadets (only private girls school to offer Army Cadets)
  • Dance
  • Chess Club
  • Reconciliation Committee
  • Textiles Committee
  • Guitar Making Club
  • Wellbeing Committee
  • French Club
  • Coding Club
  • Textiles Committee
  • Robotics
  • Debating
  • and more