Year 11 and 12

Students take responsibility and chart their own course through this challenging yet rewarding final phase of their school journey. As role models, our girls lead by example as they strive for personal excellence.

Year 11

Year 11 has a strong academic focus with girls beginning their chosen WACE pathway.

The pastoral care sessions address the transition from Year 10 and reflect the changing world of a Year 11 student. The main aim of the Year 11 program is to enable the girls to achieve academic and personal success. Presentations are designed to assist girls with study skills, goal setting, leadership and physical and emotional wellbeing.

Special events include (but are not limited to) the Year 11 Dance, ski trip, the election of Year 12 officials for the following year and an end of year reflection. Girls are also encouraged to continue with their community service throughout the year.


Year 12

Year 12 is a special year filled with many memorable events and activities. Senior students take up positions of responsibility which are crucial to the leadership of the student body. As an outward sign of their leadership status, the girls wear a special Year 12 tie and leavers’ jumper.

Special events during the year include the Year 12 Ball, the Mother-Daughter Brunch, the Father-Daughter Dinner, St Hilda’s Day, Valedictory Celebration and the Graduation and Awards Ceremony.

The academic program includes examinations in Term 2 and final school exams at the end of Term 3 and into the Term 3 holidays. The progress of students is the focus of Term 1, which includes a Parent/Teacher evening. Continuous reporting available via SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn, gives timely feedback to students so that they can capitalise on advice given by their teachers.

The Pastoral Care Program focuses on supporting students during this busy year and preparing them for the WACE exams, supporting them through VET courses and equipping them with skills for life beyond St Hilda’s. An interview to discuss future plans is organised for each girl and those students who are tertiary bound are guided through the application process and kept informed of scholarships and courses available at a variety of universities and tertiary institutions