Year 7 and 8

Transitioning into senior school is a significant moment in a child’s educational journey. When coming into an unfamiliar environment, developing friendships quickly is important. In Year 7 we help the girls get to know each other and the campus through our fun orientation in the first week of school. This continues in Year 8 where Year 12s offer guidance and advice through our buddy program.

Year 7

St Hilda’s supports Year 7s to develop their independence and organisation as they transition to Senior School. Orientating themselves on a new campus, students are assisted by their Head of Year and Wellbeing Teacher who are there to guide and assist them with challenges they may face.  The Wellbeing program focuses on assisting students to connect with their peers and encouraging them to engage in the School through a range of activities.

Year 7 Camp aims to foster belonging and connection, as students have an opportunity to develop their relationships with peers and staff. For many Year 7s being away from home proves as another challenge to develop their resilience and independence. Through learning about camp craft and the outdoors, students return feeling confident to be themselves amongst their peers with a greater sense of belonging.

From 2021, all St Hilda’s Year 7 students will take part in a Dance program. The course involves both technical and theoretical components of dance and will build the girls’ skills across a range of dance genres. It has been designed to give girls at all levels an opportunity to build their strength and flexibility, their rhythm and understanding of music, as well as their understanding of dance across cultures.

The program is continuing to be built, with Dance becoming an elective from Year 8 in 2022.

As the Year 7s settle in, teaching staff are supportive and encourage Year 7s to begin to develop confidence, organisation and structure in their academic subjects. Homework is required most nights and students begin to work on their study skills through the Learn program. Year 7s are also encouraged to attend the Tutoring Centre to work on homework or seek assistance with content they are finding challenging.

In Year 7 students engage in many collaborative experiences and are encouraged to work inclusively, cooperatively and independently.

Year 8

Year 8 finds the students establishing new connections, consolidating their friendships and developing strategies to navigate different social dynamics. The Wellbeing program is designed to provide students with various skills to traverse this challenging developmental stage. Identifying student’s strengths, practising gratitude and arming them with tools to connect digitally, are some of the many program highlights. Enhancing their friendships with their House Sister provides the students with an opportunity to interact and learn from their older mentor.

Cocurricular engagement, membership to clubs and committees and interaction in Community Service activities are an essential part of their St Hilda’s journey. This provides the Year 8
students with opportunities to develop the whole student and connect to their community. All of this is so important to produce a flourishing and engaged learner.

Year 8 provides students with the opportunity to build on their learning, developing strong organisation, homework and study patterns. They are empowered to be critical thinkers, active problem-solvers and to take initiative in seeking assistance. Students are encouraged to access the Tutoring Centre to complete homework in a supportive and welcoming environment with their peers.

The Outdoor Education Camp is a wonderful opportunity for students to connect with each other promoting both positive personal and social development and relationships. Students revise the foundations of camp craft, such as trangia cooking, packing backpacks, tent set up, hygiene and navigation. Through activities such as hiking, caving and abseiling, students
develop their personal resilience and unite as a group, building respect for each other and the environment.

New Year 8 Outdoor Education Experience

In October 2021, St Hilda’s and Christ Church Grammar School will be joining for the Year 8 Cape to Cave Outdoor Education experience. The Cape to Cave expedition will introduce students to a range of physical, social and cultural activities designed to build their confidence and appreciation for the environment.

Using Leeuwin-Naturalist National Park as a base, the students will spend five days walking part of the Cape to Cape, pitching tents, cooking their own meals and learning about the local indigenous culture.

A highlight of the trip will be caving and abseiling in Giants Cave and WI-16, where they will learn about WA’s geological history.