Year 9 and 10

In Years 9 and 10, students start to discover who they are as individuals and gain a deeper understanding of who they want to be in life.

Year 9

In Year 9 students are encouraged to participate in the many cocurricular sporting, arts and outdoor activities offered, as well as the wide array of lunchtime clubs and committees, run during the term. Within the academic schedule, students get an opportunity to develop their talents in elective subjects which run for the full length of the year.

Year 9 is a year of transition. All students in Year 9 will participate in the St Hilda’s Wandering Spirit Program, as part of the wellbeing curriculum. This includes a 12-day trip to our Yeagarup Campus in Pemberton. The students will explore their identity, foster respectful relationships, develop authentic resilience, become global citizens and understand the impact they can have.

The growth they will experience through the program will change their lives for the better and set them up for a powerful future.

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Year 10

In Year 10 students can look forward to an exciting and challenging year during which they will experience the pleasures and demands of their Outdoor Education camp, work experience, community service and course information sessions in preparation for Year 11.

Year 10 is filled with opportunities for social growth and academic achievement. There are many activities in mainstream school life as well as in cocurricular areas. Girls are encouraged to follow their interests and become involved in all aspects of life at St Hilda’s.

As part of a supportive Wellbeing Program, teachers work with their wellbeing groups to monitor student progress in order to guide and assist the girls throughout the year. Girls have the benefit of interesting guest speakers who address them on pertinent topics such as health and drug education, study skills and world issues. They also learn about safety in the cyber world, friendships, community awareness and a variety of life skills.

All girls undertake a seven day mobile expedition at Wooleen Station in the Murchison which provides personal challenges and develops interpersonal skills while they use outdoor skills they have learned on previous camps.