The da Vinci Decathlon

We are thrilled to announce that our Year 8 team has emerged victorious at the da Vinci Decathlon,…

We are thrilled to announce that our Year 8 team has emerged victorious at the da Vinci Decathlon, one of the most prestigious academic competitions in Western Australia. The competition included 45 schools from across the region, and our team’s hard work, dedication, and teamwork paid off, securing them a place in the national competition at Knox College in Sydney this September. If they win, they will advance to the international competition.

Da Vinci Decathlon Yr 8

The da Vinci Decathlon is a rigorous academic competition that tests students’ knowledge and expertise in 10 different disciplines, including maths, science, engineering, English, art & poetry, legacy, cartography, codebreaking, creative producers, and ideation. Our Year 8 team demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge in all these areas, putting in an outstanding performance that earned them well-deserved success.

It’s a unique competition that encourages students to think creatively, work collaboratively, and develop a range of skills that they can utilise throughout their academic career. At St Hilda’s we are committed to providing our students with opportunities to excel in all areas of their education and we believe that competitions like these help students develop confidence, resilience, and a lifelong love for learning.

Our Year 7 and 10 teams also put in an impressive performance, finishing 4th in their respective categories, and the Year 9 team finished 6th overall. We are incredibly proud of all our teams and their hard work.

Our Year 8 team’s victory has shown that with dedication, and perseverance, anything is possible. We are confident that they will do an amazing job representing Western Australia in the national competition and we wish them all the best as they prepare for this exciting challenge.