The Gift of Giving

This week I was invited to sit on the Heads of Schools Forum at an international conference focussed…

This week I was invited to sit on the Heads of Schools Forum at an international conference focussed on school development and philanthropy. The opportunity allowed me to mix with professionals across our sector who understand and excel in building opportunities for their schools through fundraising.

The timing was fortuitous as we commence our annual giving campaign, Ignite a Spark.

As we do each year, we are turning our attention to creating opportunities for girls who would never be able to access a St Hilda’s education, without the generosity of others.

Our needs-based bursary program (previously known as needs-based scholarships) has an enormous impact. When I speak with alumni who have received bursaries, they speak not only of their career success but of the life-long friendships that have supported them throughout their lives.

When I meet bursary applicants, I look for that special spark within them—ambition, self-belief, and tenacity that I know will propel them to success. These girls are searching for an environment where they can reach their full potential.

Many of our bursary girls come from hard-working families facing financial constraints that limit their access to quality education. Enrolling their daughters at a school like St Hilda’s is a dream for them. The gratitude expressed by these families when their daughter receives a bursary is palpable.

Our bursary program is something I am passionate about expanding. Over the next two months we are opening our Foundation Needs-based Bursary to Year 7 students commencing in 2024. If you know of a family whose daughter could be suitable, please encourage them to apply via our website.

These bursaries are not possible without community support. Please join us in Igniting a Spark by contributing online here. By supporting our needs-based bursary program, you become part of a special group of people who understand the value of paying it forward.

I know the St Hilda’s community is generous. I’ve seen how we pull together to create something wonderful for others. So together, let’s make a lasting impact and provide deserving girls with the chance to thrive.