Schedule of Fees

Fees and Charges

Please refer to 2019 Schedule of Fees
For payment options, please refer to the Payment Options Form 2019 and Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

Full-Fee Overseas Students

Please refer to separate Schedule of Fees

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $100 including GST is payable with each application for student enrolment. The fee, which is non-refundable, covers the administration cost associated with enrolment.

Confirming Fee

Upon acceptance of a place (usually three years prior to entry), a non-refundable, non-transferable confirming fee is payable. For a second sister, the confirming fee is reduced to 50% of the amount that would be otherwise payable. No confirming fee is payable for the third and subsequent sisters.

Girls: For students entering the School, the confirming fee is $5,205 which is 20% of the current Year 7 annual tuition fee.

Boys: For students entering the Early Learning Centre, the confirming fee is $1,041 which is 4% of the current Year 7 annual tuition fee.

Deferral / Re-Confirmation Fees

1. Pre-Commencement Deferrals

In the event that a student’s initial requested entry point is approved to be deferred to a later intake year, a $1500 deferral fee will be payable. For a first deferral request this fee payable will be credited back on commencement. A $1500 deferral fee will be incurred outright to confirm all subsequently approved deferrals.

2. Current Student Deferrals

Students who withdraw from the School and wish to return at a future date will be subject to a $1500 re-confirmation fee to secure the position.

3. Leave of Absence / Re-Enrolment Fee

Students who take a Principal-approved absence (during which fees have not been paid), can re-commence, subject to a position being available and a Re-enrolment Fee of $1500.